Running Through The Pain!

Can’t get away from it. As much as I adore the activities keeping me around the mountains, such as skiing and mountain biking, etc, it is my running that is truly my number one passion. I perhaps discovered it a little late in life to make any real success out of it – like hundreds and thousands of others who, as maturing adults, decided to take up jogging or running to get healthy, lose weight, or perhaps meet a challenge (or a bet) to run a marathon maybe.

That said, it is something I take very seriously and dedicate myself to where possible. I have now run in a few marathons, 3 this year in fact – Vancouver, San Francisco and Berlin. The year has ended a little disappointing for myself as I’d hoped to finish up the calendar with a sub 2hr 40 run in september’s flat Berlin marathon. For a number of reasons (mainly my IT Band going at @ the 19 mile mark), I failed to nail this and I have earmarked Zurich in April 2011 to put right these wrongs. However, this all seems a long way off right now as I continue to struggle with my IT Band, some 8/9 weeks into intensive physio, can barely string a few miles together before the discomfort beats me and I’m now open to any and all suggestions as I’m in real need for a positive move forward if I’m to seriously knuckle down and apply myself in time for Zurich. The next option for me is to look long and hard at possibly having a cortisone injection.

This of course, is a familiar story to many runners who pick up little knocks, pulls and strains (mainly ‘overuse’ injuries) as a matter of course. How these ‘injuries’ are managed, rested, treated, etc are often the difference between full and quick recovery and prolonged suffering and reccurring problems. Naturally, many of us tend to learn the hard way!

Many would say, ‘give up’ at this point. Not a runner! We’re made of sterner stuff. Perhaps a little naive or stubborn at times in perhaps accepting that we’re damaged and need to rest up and nurse ourselves a little better. We push ourselves through wind, rain and snow and tell everyone that we’re enjoying this. T’is true! I actually love running in weather that is considered ‘filthy’ by many. We run through bad colds, coughs and other ailments, often refusing to accept that we’re sick or listening to our own advice. I’m a firm believer in ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mantra.  

Getting out there to run, even if on a treadmill as the snow and ice on the roads present too much of a hazard or inconvenience, is an absolute ‘must’. Always been that way I’m afraid. Like a stressed, caged animal, pacing around my house, I need the release of a good run…any run in fact. Yes, I guess you could say I’m addicted and yes I do need my ‘fix’. Gotta have that good workout that gets the endorphins flowing. Ask any runner and they’ll tell you the same!

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