Some Healthy food Suggestions

Canned Salmon (or Tuna): Healthy Quick ‘n Easy Recipes

A quick, easy and cheap option, canned salmon adds nutrients and flavour to meals. Check out these recipes for simple ways to spice it up!


5 Minutes: Add salmon to soups

Stir salmon (about 50g per serving) into canned or homemade soup made with corn, onion, carrot, potatoes and/or veggies. Heat then pair with a hunk of wholegrain bread.

10 Minutes: Swap for tuna salad

Flake salmon into a bowl. Add diced celery, red pepper or gherkin. Blend with mayo. Stuff into a wholewheat wrap or spread on bread. Top with greens, sprouts and sliced tomatoes.

15 Minutes: Make salmon cakes

Mix salmon with diced red pepper, lemon zest, onion, Worcestershire sauce and an egg. Shape into patties and dip in bread crumbs. Brown patties in a pan with a little oil, 3 minutes per side.

20 Minutes: Toss with pasta

Cook wholewheat penne in boiling water. Drain and return to pot, Mix with cooked peas, salmon, onion, a little olive oil and lemon to coat pasta. Serve with parmesan, black pepper and fresh parsley.

Canned Salmon and Tuna have similar dietary properties and are great for runners and athletes. Why Salmon though?

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