So is what is being healthy…..? Is it all in the eyes of the beholder?

As my main goal for this site was to focus on healthy lifestyles, that is where I’ll start. Being mindful of course, that I will get a little distracted as other pertinent issues arise..

We quite naturally all have very different ideas about exactly what ‘being healthy’ is…and so we should. I think most would probably consider exercise and a good diet and this is probably a great start, but it is not always as simple as this. In the medicinal world there are medical perimeters that understand our ‘BMI’ Body Mass Index (BMI) (body fat content), or, how well our body functions such as our kidneys, heart and lungs, which of course can be affected by a good many factors such as our lifestyle – how much we smoke, drink and how much exercise we get. Some problems we encounter are hereditary and unfortunately, some ‘problems’ we can encounter to some degree are out of our control – or are they? 

What about the many thousands of families and individuals that are barely surviving from day to in some third world countries? Many of these have never smoked, drank any alcohol or eat any excessively fatty diet in their all too often short lives – they simply couldn’t afford to! Dirty water / no water / disease born water are all health inhibitors and in fact killers.

So you see, it’s not always easy to be healthy, but there are some sensible considerations many should give pause for thought over….

There are reasons why the medical profession, amongst others, actually measure our body fat , blood pressure, height, weight, cholesterol, etc. All can give way to deteriorating health and can kill. Obesity isn’t just a problem for that individual because of the excessive pressure placed on their heart, lungs, typically heavily furred arteries with lovely cholesterol. It can lead to diabetes. It can be passed on by a pregnant mother to her unborn child, not really giving the child a fair start in life, same as smokers before, during and after pregnancy.

Now, it’s not all doom and gloom. For those who want to lose weight, get ‘fitter’, give up smoking – whatever their goal or motivation is, there is help out there. They key her is ‘motivation’! You’ve got to want to change ‘bad’ habits. The individual needs it to be their idea with their own reasons for wanting to change something in their lifestyle. It’s simply not good enough for someone else to tell them and moan at them. It does work sometimes, but often the individual will regress as they didn’t really buy into the concept and make their own in the first place.

So where do you start? Well, it depends on the goal? Is it to lose weight? What’s the reason – Is it medical problems causing the need or simply a desire to fit into that slinky little number you brought a few months ago that you can no longer squeeze into. Whatever it is, there are ‘support’ groups out there. We can all think of several off the top of our heads – Weight watchers, gyms, keep fit DVD’s from our favourite celebs, even Wii games these days and we could go on and on.

So what’s stopping you? Didn’t you used to love riding you bike, perhaps used to regularly go swimming or participate in a team sport (great motivation and fun when you’re working with or for a bunch of other guys or gals!), perhaps you live in or close to some scenic walking routes? It could be as simple as stop taking the elevator and using the stairs, or perhaps ditch that car or bus ride to and from work and walk those extra 15-20 minutes each way – it’s also a great way to unwind after a hard day at work.

Whatever you want to achieve, it needn’t cost much, if any money. Perhaps just a ‘can-do’ attitude, maybe a promise from a loved one to treat you if you achieve your goal.

Let’s see how we all get on ..

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