Hello world!

So welcome to my site!

I currently sit here typing, full of good intentions and plans for the next 12 months or so. Some are personal challenges, like attempting to be ready to break the 2hr 35 min mark in next April’s Zurich marathon. Other key dates in a busy year will be a little matter of marrying my sweetheart, but that one will take care of itself or now.

I’d always dreamed of living in the mountains, in amongst all their glorious peaks, the snow, their beauty… and finally i arrived here some 4 years ago. It’s the perfect setting for the outdoor and athletically minded and my little slice of heaven that I’m hanging onto for all its worth!

For now, I thank you for visiting this site and I’ll try to keep all interested with various posts on health, training for personal fitness goals, diets & recipes and lifestyle thoughts and musings.

That’s all for now as I’m about to head out for a run in the foot or so of the abundant snow that’s hit our resort town in the last week or so. Let’s hope the bears around here have finally go into hibernation as I’ll no doubt run through the nearest forest as the lone sole ‘stupid’ enough to run alone in this enchanting area.

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